Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

Detecting violations of General Relativity: weak and strong field

4Wednesday, Feb. 4
Ron Tso (Columbia)
12:15 PM
622 Space Sciences

To date General Relativity (GR) remains the most successful theory describing gravity, passing tests conducted in laboratory experiments, the solar system, binary pulsars, and on cosmological scales.  Even after a century, the goal is to predict and verify consequences of possible alternatives and the strength of its validity.  An attractive feature is that deviations from GR could be a signature of a more fundamental theory, e.g., Brans-Dicke, massive graviton, Lorentz-violation.  In this talk an overview of weak-field and strong-field tests will be discussed.  Select examples of specific alternative theories and current experiments collecting data will be examined.  In particular current work on an asymptotic expansion method for error estimation of parameters modifying gravitational waveforms will be explored.