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Galaxy Lunch

The Galaxy Lunch Series is held every Friday during the academic year, at 12:20pm, in Space Sciences room 622. In general, there will be an hour-long talk/discussion on topics related to galactic and extragalactic astronomy, and large-scale structure. The audience consists of faculty members, research staff, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, so talks should be at a level accessible to most. Galaxy Lunch is open to talks from all members of the Cornell Astronomy department, as well as to visiting scientists and speakers from different disciplines/departments. 

For Fall 2017, the speakers are graduate students from the Astronomy and the Physics department, as well as visitors from other institutes. The main theme of this semester is: "Effects of Feedback on Galaxy Evolution and Star Formation". Visitors are welcomed to give a talk on the topic of their research. 

If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact Daisy Leung.

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In Spring 2017, the speakers were faculty members who are actively involved in the CCAT-prime project, and graduate students from Astro 7620. The main themes of the semester were: what we can learn from building CCAT-prime, studies of galaxy evolution and cosmology using intensity mapping, designs and science questions of various existing and planned facilities, and recent advances in the field.


Dec. 1


Matt Hankins
12:20 pm
Space Sciences Building

Dec. 8


Cody Lamarche
12:20 pm
Space Sciences Building 622