Informal Education & Public Outreach

Everyone loves astronomy. It is a great way to get kids interested in science - and adults too!

NASA Resources for Informal Educators

Astronomy activities and longer-term projects

  • Afterschool Universe
    An exciting new out-of-school time project for middle school students. Check out our Afterschool Universe page!

  • Imagine Mars
    A longer-term project for a group with an adult coach to design a community on Mars!

  • NASA Afterschool projects
    Mars & Earth
    "The Mars and Earth activities target the elementary school level. Each activity explores a concept related to the nature of science. Students may then put their new knowledge into practice. Most of the nine sequential activities can be completed in about one hour."
    "Astrobiology gives young thinkers the opportunity to explore topics related to the search for life beyond their own planet. As they complete the activities in the guide, students will use some of the same strategies that astrobiologists use. Each of the eight activities takes about one hour to complete."
    Sun as a Star
    "The Sun As a Star activities teach concepts related to the sun with opportunities for the students to investigate each idea. Most of the nine sequential activities can be completed in about one hour."

  • 4-H Astronomy Project: It's Out of This World
    contact Nancy if you are a 4-H leader

  • Space Place ideas for Boy and Girl Scouts

  • Science Buddies ideas for science fair projects, families, 4-H, and Scouts

Members of Astronomy Clubs:

JPL Amateur Astronomy Page and Monthly 'What's Up?'

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