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Spectral Extraction Steps for CorMASS

The following PDF file documents our data
reduction procedures utilizing IRAF and IDL.

Additional IDL Routines Converts two-planed (R1,R2)
CorMASS FITS file to a differenced image
(R2-R1) and writes to a working directory. Pre-processes CorMASS 'differenced' (R2-R1)
images to correct for reset voltage decay pattern
effects present in NICMOS3 images. Used with
Used with cormdiff and/or cormass2.
from NASA Library (NASA LIB)of IDL routines

IRAF Support Files

Supplemental IRAF files needed for flat fielding,
aperture reference, and wavelength calibration.

Month Apflattened Flat*    Flat Apertures**    Lambda Calib. File*    Lambda Calib. Soln.**   
Aug. 22, 1999        
Aug. 23-25, 1999 superflat2_aug_apf.fits   apsuperflat2_aug  
October 1999 superflat2_oct_apf.fits apsuperflat2_oct
February 2000        
March 2000 superflat2_mar_apf.fits apsuperflat2_mar
April 2000 superflat2_apr_apf.fits apsuperflat2_apr
May 2000        

* place in working IRAF directory
** place in 'database' subdirectory of working IRAF directory

Bad Pix Files