Authors: Toropina O.D., Romanova M.M. and Lovelace R. V. E.  


Matter flow around a strongly magnetized star rotating in the propeller regime and propagating through the interstellar medium with Mach numbers M = 1 (top panel) and M = 3 (bottom panel). Other parameters correspond to the main case. 

The background represents the logarithm of density and the length of the arrows is proportional to the poloidal velocity. The solid lines are magnetic field lines. The dashed solid line shows the Alfven surface. 

Distances are measured in units of the Bondi radius. Time corresponds to 50 rotation periods of of the star.


Distribution of the angular momentum fluxes in the magnetotail for our main case. 

The color background shows the specific angular momentum carried by the magnetic field (top panel) and by the matter (bottom panel). 

The solid lines are magnetic field lines.

Temporal variation of the total angular momentum °ux from the star obtained by integrating over a surface surrounding the

star (solid line) and the °ux through a surface across the magnetotail at z = 0:6 (dotted line).




Dependence of the angular momentum flux on different parameters: 

(a) the Mach number M, 

(b) the angular velocity of the star w*=W*/WK

(c) the magnetic moment m,  

(d) the magnetic diffusivity hm.

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