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2003,  Main Journal Publications:

Romanova, M.M., Toropina, O.D., Toropin, Yu.M.,  Lovelace, R.V.E.,
"MHD simulations of accretion to a star in the "propeller" regime", 2003, ApJ 588: 400-407
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Toropina, O.D., Romanova, M.M., Toropin, Yu.M., Lovelace, R.V.E.,
"Magnetic Inhibition of Accretion and Observability of Isolated Old Neutron Stars", 2003, ApJ 593: 472-480
[abstract] [full text] [plots from the paper]

Romanova, M.M., Ustyugova, G.V., Koldoba, A.V., Wick J.V., Lovelace R.V.E., 
"3D MHD simulations of disk accretion to an inclined rotator.  Magnetospheric flow at different Q",  2003, ApJ 595: 1009-1031
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R. V. E. Lovelace and M. M. Romanova, 
"Relativistic Poynting jets from accretion disks", ApJ 596: L159-L162
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2003,  Conference Proceedings:

R. V. E. Lovelace and M. M. Romanova, 
"Magnetohydrodynamic Origin of Jets from Accretion Disks", 
PLASMAS IN THE LABORATORY AND IN THE UNIVERSE: New Insights and New Challenges. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 703, pp. 229-237 (2004).
[full text]

S.G. Moiseenko, N.V. Ardeljan, G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan,
Supernovae type II: magnetorotational explosion. RevMexAA
(Serie de conferencias), 15, 231, 2003

N.V. Ardeljan, G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S.G. Moiseenko, Magnetorotational mechanism: Supernova Explosions and Ejections, Proc of IAU symposium  No.214 High Energy Processes and Phenomena
in Astrophysics, Suzhou, China 5-10 August 2003 p117-120

P.L. Biermann, S.G. Moiseenko, S. Ter-Antonyan, A. Vasile
Cosmic rays from PeV to ZeV, Stellar Evolution, Supernova Physics and
Gamma Ray Bursts in "The early Universe and the Cosmic Microwave
Background: Theory and Observations", eds. N.G. Sanchez
and Y.N. Parijskij, Kluver, 2003, p.489-516

N.V. Ardeljan, G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S.G. Moiseenko
Magnetorotational mechanism of supernova type II explosion
Proc of IAU Colloquium 192 Supernovae (10 years of 1993J) 22-26 April 2003 Valencia Spain. Cosmic Explosions, Springer, J.M. Mercaide, K.W. Weiler (Eds.), Springer, 2005, p. 281-285


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