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2008,  Main Journal Publications:

Romanova, M. M.; Kulkarni, A. K.
"Numerical Discovery of Drifting High-frequency QPOs in Global Simulations of Magnetic Boundary Layers"

Kulkarni, A.K.; Romanova, M.M.
"Variability of Unstably Accreting Neutron Stars: Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations"

Koldoba, A. V.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
"Oscillations of magnetohydrodynamic shock waves on the surfaces of T Tauri stars", 2008, MNRAS,Volume 388, Issue 1, pp. 357-366

O.D. Toropina, M. M. Romanova, R. V. E. Lovelace, 
"MHD simulations of accretion onto magnetized neutron star in the "propeller" regime", International Journal of Modern Physics D Vol. 17, No. 10 (2008) 17231729
[full text]

Lovelace, R. V. E.; Romanova, M. M.; Barnard, A. W.
"Planet Migration and Disk Destruction due to Magneto-Centrifugal Stellar Winds", 2008, MNRAS,Volume 389, Issue 3, pp. 1233-1239.

Long, M.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
"Three-dimensional simulations of accretion to stars with complex magnetic fields", 2008, MNRAS, Volume 386, Issue 3, pp. 1274-1284

Kulkarni, A. K.; Romanova, M. M.
"Accretion to magnetized stars through the Rayleigh-Taylor instability: global 3D simulations",  2008, MNRAS,Volume 386, Issue 671, pp. 673-687

Kurosawa, R.; Romanova, M. M.; Harries, Tim J.
"3D simulations of rotationally-induced line variability from a classical T Tauri star with a misaligned magnetic dipole", 2008, MNRAS, Volume 385, Issue 4, pp. 1931-1945

Romanova, M. M.; Long, M.; Kulkarni, A. K.; Kurosawa, R.; Ustyugova, G. V.; Koldoba, A. K.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
"MHD simulations of disk-star interaction"

Romanova, M. M., Kulkarni A.K., Lovelace, R. V. E.;
"Unstable Disk Accretion to Magnetized Stars: First Global 3D MHD Simulations", 2008, ApJ, Volume 673, Issue 2, pp. L171-L174

G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S.G. Moiseenko, N.V.Ardeljan
Different Magnetorotational supernovae Astronomy Reports 2008 v12, pp. 997-1008

G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S.G. Moiseenko
Core-Collapse Supernovae: Magnetorotational Explosions and Jet Formation, Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement, 2008, No. 172, pp. 145-155

2008,  Conference Proceedings:

Kulkarni, A.; Romanova, M. M
"Accretion To Magnetized Stars Through The Rayleigh-taylor Instability: Global Three-dimensional Simulations", American Astronomical Society, HEAD meeting #10, #10.26

Long, M.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
"Three-dimensional Simulations of Accretion to Stars with Complex Magnetic Fields", American Astronomical Society, HEAD meeting #10, #24.02

Romanova, M. M.; Kulkarni, A. K.; Long, M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
"Modeling of Disk-Star Interaction: Different Regimes of Accretion and Variability", AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1068, pp. 87-94 , 2008

Kulkarni, A. K.; Romanova, M. M.
"Rayleigh-Taylor-Unstable Accretion and Variability of Magnetized Stars: Global Three-Dimensional Simulations", AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1068, pp. 99-102, 2008

S.G. Moiseenko, G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Outflows from magnetorotational supernovae.
conference proceedings "High Energy Phenomena in
Relativistic Outflows", September 24-28, 2007, Dublin, Ireland
International Journal of Modern Physics D 2008, v.17, No.9 pp.1411-1417


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