Long Stocking Cap

This is my first design! Not surprisingly it's pretty much a no-brainer, but I couldn't find anything similar when surfing the web so I thought I'd put it up. It makes a long stocking cap (about 2 feet) with a stripe near the end.


Final measurements: 23 inches around at cuff, approximately 2 foot long
(excluding braid and tassel.)  I used Reynold's Lite Lopi (a fairly heavy
worsted weight yarn) and ended up with a fairly loose, light-weight
knit.  For a heavier cap, use two strands worsted weight and size 6
needles (or size needed for gauge).

You'll need:
* Worsted weight yarn, about 100 grams Main Color (MC), a small amount of
 Contrast Color (CC) 
* Double-pointed needles or circular needle size 8 (or size needed for gauge)
* Ring-type stitch markers
* Tapestry needle 
GAUGE: 4 sts = 1 inch, 6 rows = 1 inch

With MC cast on 96 sts (I recommend an English cast-on), join.
Working in the round, work 3 inches in K1,P1 ribbing.
Work 5 inches in stockinette stitch (K around).
Next round: K around.  As you knit, place two markers 48 sts apart.  
Round 1: *K to marker, K2TOG* twice
Round 2: K around.
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 for 8 inches
Switch to CC.  
Continue repeating rounds 1 and 2 for 3 inches.  
Switch back to MC. 
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 8 sts remain.  
Break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread tail through tapestry needle, 
and thread through remaining stitches and tie off.

Make a braid using 12 strands of MC and a tassel combining MC and CC.
To make the tassel, I just wind the yarn around my left hand, slip it
off carefully, wind a little yarn around one end and tie it off, then
cut the other end and trim.  Attach the tassel to the braid and the
braid to the end of the cap.

This pattern is  1999 Britt Scharringhausen.  You may make copies
for free as long as this notice is attached.  Contact me at 
brs@astro.cornell.edu if you have any questions.


English Cast-on

This works great for socks, mittens -- anywhere where you want a nice, stretchy cuff. Take it from someone who cannot cast on loose enough with the usual method, with the English cast-on, you can't do it too tight!!!

  1. Hold your left hand up, palm toward you.
  2. Take the long tail of the yarn between your ring and little fingers so the tail hangs down behind.
  3. Turn your left hand palm to the right and hold your thumb in the natural position. With your right hand, bring the skeinward part of the yarn toward you and under your thumb and hold the yarn so it extends up from the thumb.
  4. Bring your left index finger in front of the yarn and hook down toward the palm and around toward the crotch of the thumb to create a loop on the left index finger.
  5. With the right hand insert the needle from below into the loop on the left index. With the right hand wrap the skeinward part of the yarn around the needle, then lift the lower loop over the end of the needle.

Britt Scharringhausen
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