W · E · S · T

The West, where the celestial bodies descend after a long journey across the sky. As they wink out over the horizon, it's time to indulge in some quiet contemplation or maybe a good book.

[Handy the sock puppet]Handy sez: READ A BOOK!
Reading is one of those simple pleasures I wish I had more time to enjoy. Be that as it may, I've got some reading-related web pages. One of the cool things about reading is that it expands your vocabulary. My favorite author is Robert Anson Heinlein.

Listening to National Public Radio is also known to foster thought.

Atheism is a something I think about, too.

Elephants are my favorite animals. They seem to have a fascinatingly complex intellectual, social and emotional life, just like humans. The Elephant Sanctuary is a home for old, sick or needy elphants in Tennessee. The Rhino & Elephant Foundation promotes conservation in Africa, for Africa. This is a complicated issue, because humanity destroys elephant habitats, the land that elephants can live on becomes overpopulated. Should elephant populations be culled so that they don't overgraze the decreasing acreage they are allowed to live on? Even elephant experts disagree!
You are now at West.
Where will you go from here?

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