Martha P. Haynes

Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy

  • 530 Space Sciences Building, (607)255-0610


Here is a (fairly) current CV.

In Feb 2005, we began the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey ALFALFA, using the new multi-beam ALFA array on the 305-meter Arecibo telescope to search for gas-bearing galaxies over 7000 square degrees of sky. As of August 2011, observations for ALFALFA are 90% complete, and a catalog exists for almost half the survey area.

ALFALFA serves as the basis for numerous graduate student thesis projects and also engages the amazing Undergraduate ALFALFA team.

For a more detailed summary of current research projects and who we are, take a look at the home page of the Cornell ExtraGalactic Group (EGG).

I got to know ALFA when it first arrived in Arecibo in April 2004.

I seem to serve on a lot of committees: I am involved in Cornell's Knight Writing Institute and teach Astronomy 2201 under the Writing in the Majors Program. Additionally, three of my terrific graduate students -- Dave Kornreich (now at Humboldt State U, with tenure even!), Sabrina Stierwalt, and Ann Martin -- have taught Astronomy 1109, a freshman writing seminar, under my supervision (although I learned a lot from watching them!).
I will be teaching a new course Astro3303 in spring 2012.
I have also recently taught Astronomy 6590 and Astronomy 7620.

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