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A summary compilation of US facilities/projects in the fields of radio, millimeter and submillimeter (RMS) astronomy is being collated from contributions solicited by the Radio, Millimeter and Submillimeter Planning Group RMSPG at the request of NSF for community input to the NSF-AST senior review to be held in mid 2005. The designated facility/project contacts were asked to provide information following a standard template which serves as the basis for each summary linked below. It is hoped that the compilation made by the RMSPG will be made public in Feb 2005.

Radio, Millimeter and Submillimeter (RMS) Facilities and Projects

Contribution provided Facility Facility Contact Group Contact
yes VLA Lo Campbell
yes VLBA Lo Welch
yes GBT Lo Moran
yes Arecibo Brown Myers
yes ALMA Lo Marscher
yes EVLA Lo Blake
yes SKA Cordes Evans
yes CARMA Sargent Hewitt
yes SPT Carlstrom Reid
yes FASR Bastian Moran
yes ATA Welch Marscher
yes SMA Moran Campbell
yes ARO Ziurys Reid
yes LMT Schloerb Myers
yes CSO Phillips Hewitt
yes CCAT Giovanelli Hewitt
yes LWA Kassim Blake
yes MWA Lonsdale Evans
  PAST Peterson Haynes
yes Ground-based CMB Experiments Myers, Carlstrom, for others Kellermann
yes ARISE Fomalont Carlstrom
yes BLAST Devlin Myers
yes Herschel Wiseman Welch
yes Planck Carlstrom Kellermann
  SIRA MacDowell Carlstrom

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