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The Guitar Nebula

Me, me, me! Here is my current contact information, and our blog about the move to Sydney and back.

The story so far:

I study neutron stars: the embers of dead stars, more massive than our Sun, as tiny as your favorite small place (Ithaca, Socorro, Manhattan? 10 miles or so across), spinning up to hundreds of times every second, and sometimes more predictable than our very best clocks ...

I'm part of the NANOGrav collaboration: we are trying to detect gravity waves by timing pulsars.

Here are some of the telescopes I have used.

The work we do.

Publications: Papers, preprints, scientific memos and conference proceedings.
All the important stuff is here, including my CV in PDF.

The ultra-high velocity pulsar B1508+55 is escaping our Galaxy at over 1000 km/sec!
Read the press release text here (also archived at NRAO).

Pulsar Astrometry, including a list of all known neutron star parallaxes.

NANOGrav, the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational waves.

The intriguing Guitar Nebula: images and more.

Looking for something? Shared material for collaborators.

New! I put together an unofficial Cornell letterhead LaTeX template that complies with the official Cornell style guide.

Taken at various times and places, occasionally scanned in back in the days of film.

New Mexico: Photographs from 1998-1999, when I lived in Socorro.

Puerto Rico: Ten astronomers take a couple of days off in a lush tropical paradise.

Tennessee: The Smoky Mountains, or "What I did for New Year's Eve, 1999-2000."

Greece: Photographs from a week in Crete and a day in Athens.

Astronomy: Photographs of the various telsecopes our group uses, from trips out to the sites.

China: Photographs from my trip to Beijing for the COSPAR meeting, July 2006.

Sydney: We moved to Sydney in August 2006, and came back to Ithaca in March 2009. You really should be looking at our blog for current photographs.

Ephemera: Watch Shami wipe out while cross-country skiing!

Other people, other places.

Ithaca is a small town with an attitude and a weather problem.
But as the bumper sticker says, "Ithaca is Gorges," and who am I to complain?

The Graduate Student's Guide to Cornell Astronomy
(Originally put together by yours truly, along with the other astro grad students.)

Check out a live view of the Cornell campus:
The pumpkin is long gone, but sunset over Cayuga lake is truly beautiful!

Family: Meghan is a painter and graphic designer; my brother designs analog circuits.

And Finally:
Digital rights and freedom for all: support the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

And my page wouldn't be complete without a Calvin and Hobbes link!
(Alas, most of the good fan sites are gone...)

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