FRB 121102: Nature cover image

Nature cover, 2017 Jan 5th issue

About the cover:

The Milky Way and a Karl G. Jansky VLA dish antenna in Socorro, New Mexico. Shami Chatterjee et al. report the subarcsecond localization of the Arecibo-discovered fast radio burst FRB 121102, the only known repeating burst source, using high-time-resolution radio interferometric observations that directly image the bursts. FRBs are radio flashes of unknown physical nature with durations of milliseconds. Previous observations have lacked the resolution to uniquely identify a host or multi-wavelength counterpart. The localization of FRB 121102 reveals a persistent radio and optical source that is coincident with the bursts to within 100 milliarcseconds. The enigmatic persistent source could be a neutron star within its nebula in a distant host galaxy, a low-luminosity active galactic nucleus, or a previously unknown type of extragalactic source. Cover: Michael Spain / 500PX/National Geographic Creative.

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