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A list of all courses offered by the Department of Astronomy.

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The Nature of the Universe - Discussion
James P. Lloyd
Our Solar System - Discussion
Steven W. Squyres,
Phillip D. Nicholson
The Nature of the Universe - Lab
James P. Lloyd
Our Solar System - Lab
Phillip D. Nicholson,
Steven W. Squyres
The Universe - Discussion
Relativity, Cosmology & Black Holes
The Universe - Lab
FWS: Are We Alone in the Universe? Planets, Exoplanets and the Origin of Life
Observational Astronomy
Gordon J. Stacey
History of Exploration: Land, Sea, and Space
Steven W. Squyres
The History of the Universe
Riccardo Giovanelli,
Martha P. Haynes
Our Home in the Solar System
Alexander Hayes
Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology
Dominik Riechers
The Solar System: Planets, Satellites & Rings
Donald B. Campbell
Space Exploration
Steven W. Squyres
Relativity & Astrophysics
David Chernoff
Search for Life in the Universe
Yervant Terzian
Exoplanets & Planetary Systems
Jonathan I. Lunine,
Lisa Kaltenegger
The Life of Stars: From Birth to Death
Gordon J. Stacey,
Dong Lai
Galaxies Across Cosmic Time
Dominik Riechers,
Martha P. Haynes
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